Candida Cleanse for March- Deadline extended

This is the final chance to be part of this awesome candida cleanse that is changing lives!


They have extended the deadline to get your products ordered to Feb. 28th at midnight.

I can help you get your order placed if you aren’t already a rep, but hurry!

Only TWO days left!

Here is the email they sent this morning to anyone interested in joining. Invite your friends/family. Anyone can join! I’d love to have lots of people join me. Comment below and we’ll get your order processed so you can get the welcome packet :-D

Join Our

Kickin’ Candida Cleanse!

- Details provided  - Dietary  suggestions   - Menus

- dŌTERRA detox  program  - Support group

- Giving up won’t be an option!

Here are some great reasons to join:

Join others in the support group,  cleansing on a specific date of the month

Get Rid of Bad Foods – (causes of  toxicity and inflammation)

Add Good Foods – (detoxifying and  anti-inflammatory)

Detoxify – (cleansing and detoxifying  program)

Reduce Inflammation

(anti-inflammatory Green Smoothies and  supplement “partners”)

Relax – (relaxing and detoxifying bath)

Reflect – (reflect/journal/learn feelings  during the program)

Facebook support group

Candida is an underlying cause or partner to many of today’s  most common, chronic health disorders.

Find out —Scroll Down to Take the  Candida quiz below

Interested now that you see your score?

Think this might be right for you?

What do you do next?

March group is starting March 1— qualified orders must be placed by February 28,   registration closes at 11:59 pm on February 28.

Register at

The  Candida Self-Test

If you score 3 or higher,  there is a chance that you or someone you love

are suffering from Candida overgrowth, or  Candidiasis.

1. Do you  experience regular fatigue and/or muscle aches and pains?

YES ( ) NO ( ) (YES  = 1 NO = 0) _____

2. Do you have food  sensitivities or food allergies?

YES ( ) NO ( ) (YES  = 1 NO = 0) _____

3. Have you  experienced nail fungus, athlete’s foot or jock itch?

YES ( ) NO ( ) (YES  = 1 NO = 0) _____

4. Do you have  recurrent vaginal yeast overgrowth?

YES ( ) NO ( ) (YES  = 1 NO = 0) _____

5. Have you taken  broad-spectrum antibiotics, even once in your life?

YES ( ) NO ( ) (YES  = 1 NO = 0) _____

6. Do you crave  sugar?

YES ( ) NO ( ) (YES  = 1 NO = 0) _____

7. Do you commonly  have gas and bloating?

YES ( ) NO ( ) (YES  = 1 NO = 0) _____

8. Do you crave  bread, pasta, etc. (and similar foods made with refined white flour)?

YES ( ) NO ( ) (YES  = 1 NO = 0) _____

9. Have you taken  birth control pills for 6 months or longer?

YES ( ) NO ( ) (YES  = 1 NO = 0) _____

10. Do you  experience brain fog?

YES ( ) NO ( ) (YES  = 1 NO = 0) _____

Total  Score ____

Comment below and I’ll get you started.

34 Uses for Lemon Oil

Lemon_15mlHome Use

1. A Cure for Laundry Neglect. Lemon essential oil is superb at taking out odor out of laundry!
2. Tame Oozy, Sappy Trees. Lemon oil is excellent for removing pine gum/tree sap (clothes, carpet, skin).
3. Stop Grease in its Tracks. Hands are black and greasy? Soap doesn’t work? Mixed with your hand soap and voila – de-greaser!
4. Disinfect the Disgusting. You can add lemon oil to a spray bottle of water and attack what may be living in your range hood, on your tables, countertops and other surfaces. For some extra chemical-free firepower, a little vinegar is a traditional favorite.
5. Lose the Gas Mask. When you clean the gunky build up in your shower, do you wear a gas mask to survive the fumes? Go gas mask free and clean with lemon oil. Just a small amount of lemon oil will go a long way in removing hard water build up.
6. Nourish Your Leathers. Whether you ride a Harley in style or cherish the patina of your leather sofa at home, your leathers are not
maintenance free. Use a lemon oil soaked cloth to preserve them, and prevent leather from splitting.
7. High Ho Silver. A lemon oil treated cloth is a great remedy for the early stages of tarnish on silver or other metals. You may not eat on silver every day, but bracelets, earrings, necklaces often need some love.
8. Deactivate the Sticky. Lemon oil can help you avert a hair cutting crisis the next time you deal with gum in hair. Got kids with obsessive addictions to stickers or temporary tattoos? Works for those too. Not for wide receivers.
9. Love Your Luster. Bring your furniture back to life with lemon oil! Add a few drops to olive oil for a non-toxic furniture polish for a beautiful shine, to prevent fine wood finishes from drying out, replace lost moisture in antique woods as it penetrates worn finishes.
10. De-Smudge Your Stainless. You don’t need to hunt down that “single use” stainless steel cleaner anymore. Multi-use lemon oil is great for cleaning stainless steel appliances. You’ll love the way stainless looks and smells!
11. Clean Granite or Porous Stone. What is living in the pores of your natural stone counters or floors? Lemon oil cleans deeply, seeps into stone and leaves you with a “real fresh lemons” aroma, rather than that fake lemon chemical smell.
12. Energize your Brush. If your toothbrush seems a bit tired, add a drop of lemon and peppermint oils to freshen up!
13. Quarantine Pungencies. Moldy kid’s sneakers, a baby’s blowout, potty training … Diffuse or spray to neutralize odors!
14. Take the Spine Out of Scuffs. Got a scuff mark that just won’t go away? Lemon oil lifts scuff marks in remarkable ways!
15. Curtail the Dank, Musty or Mildewed. Chase away “old smells” and inject new energy with a good lemon oil wipe down.
16. Stop Cutting Board Bacteria Palooza. Cutting boards can harbor bacteria in your kitchen. Nobody wants to taste the chemicals you have in your cleaning closet, yet most people love the taste of lemon!
17. Control an Aphid Invasion, Naturally. Aphids – pesky little bugs that dine on roses and other plants. Lemon oil (or peppermint) with water in a garden spray bottle is a natural pesticide that kills aphids and their larvae on contact, but leaves your plants healthy.
18. Spot-Free Dishes. Add a few drops of lemon oil to your dishwasher soap container with each load for sparkling/spot-free dishes.
19. Refresh Bad Smelling Washcloths. When your kitchen washcloths smell foul and could use a boost, add lemon oil to your detergent, soak overnight, wash, dry and your kitchen will smell so much better!

Cooking & Food

20. Energy Boost. For a quick, refreshing energy boost, combine a couple drops each of lemon essential oil and peppermint essential oil in a glass of water and drink up. Add a lemony taste to your bottled water.
21. Zest Up Your Sugary Indulgences. There are an infinite number of ways lemon oil can add a bit of freshness to your sugary savors: Lemon frosting • Lemon merengue • Sour cream lemon pie • Lemon cakes • Lemon tart glaze • Lemon squares • Lemon cookies • Breathtaking, awe-inspiring lemonade
23. Pep Up Your Entrees. With lemon oil, there are countless ways to make the bland zippy, or the blah peppy: Roasted salmon & asparagus with lemon oil, Linguine & shrimp with lemon oil, Lemon oil drizzled over vegetables (especially broccoli), Lemon garlic shrimp … or to add a fresh kick to an already great salad.
24. Preserve What You’ve Got. Use lemon oil in a spray to keep your cut fruit fresh until serving.

Body & Mind

25. Ease Respiratory Gunkity Goop. A great way to slow wheezing, colds, cough, and other upper respiratory problems (humidifier).
26. De-scratch Your Scratchy Throat. Adding a couple drops of lemon essential oil to warm water & honey can change that yucky sore throat feeling, slow a nasty cough, and douse a fever. Lemon oil fights bacteria, as well as viruses.
27. Honeylicious Hair Highlights …Chemical Free. Skip the expensive salon highlight treatment, and use lemon oil to create your own hair highlights. Just go in the sun after using with your hair product, and it will lighten your hair. Be careful, it works well!
28. Fight the Fungus Among Us. Tired of unsightly nail fungus? Lemon oil is great for nail and eliminating fungus.
29. Halt the Nervous Nellie, In You. When combined with lavender oil and diffused into a room, you’ll find you feel less anxious, a better mood, more even keel, and well … linear.
30. Clear Thinking & Clear Focus, Made Visible. A clear mind, a clean slate, a fresh outlook. It’s all good. Real good. Diffuse lemon oil and you got it.
31. Take the Heat Out of Cold Sores. Douse cold sores with a few drops of lemon oil for superb relief.
32. Nice Mood … No Really. Chase away the moody blues (not the band), with a bit of blah-reducing lemon oil.
Whether you choose to diffuse it or apply topically, it’s hard to not improve your outlook with lemon oil around!
33. Was That a Crusty? Hard, crusty skin on your feet, (e.g. corns, calluses or bunions)? Regularly add a few drops of
lemon oil and you’ll soon have softened skin!
34. A Brighter Complexion. Lemon oil can help remove dead skin cells and exfoliate. For a homemade exfoliant, add
4-5 drops to a small amount of oatmeal and water for a homemade scrub. Feels great!

PJ Hanks: My Triumph Over Fibromyalgia Webinar Feb. 27th

One of the reasons PJ was drawn to doTERRA and its products was to find a

resolution to her pain, inflammation, and depression from fibromyalgia. In this
webinar she will share how she used the products and changed her lifestyle and
triumphed over the symptoms. The invitation to register and listen..

This is also a great listen for anyone having autoimmune disorders.

FEB 27th – 7pm PST 9pmCST
Registration Web Link:

Infertility and a solution

infertilityThose of you who might be having a tough time getting pregnant, this is for you. I’ve been doing SO much researching and reading and I wanted to give you a really good answer but I realize that it takes a while to become an expert at something like this and I’d rather give you the information that I do know and we can research it further together.
So, the Holistic Healthcare Practitioner that I’ve been learning from is Laura Jacobs. She’s had a Wellness Center for over 15 years and has helped 15,000 clients, many of them with fertility issues.
What I’ve been learning about is Candida (aka: Candidiasis). It’s the yeast in our bodies gone wild. We are supposed to have a healthy level of candida in our gut to feed our good bacteria but sick/injured/damaged tissue, pH imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, exposure to chemicals, adrenal fatigue, chronic stress, an underactive or suppressed immune system, disease (esp. diabetes and cancer), antibiotic use, medications, poor diet (most especially overconsumption of sugar/simple carbs, soda/energy drinks/coffee [harmful to good flora], protein, cheese), high blood sugar levels, use of birth control, cortisone shots, chemotherapy, heavy metal toxicity (esp. mercury {cavity fillings}), sexual contact with someone who has Candidiasis (your husband), mold/mildew exposure (home, gym, public showers, etc.), excessive exposure to damp, humid conditions all cause them to go out of control and proliferate and start to take over the body.

Candida was never intended to overgrow and get out of control while we are living. That
change is only intended to happen when the body actually dies. The nature or function of Candida changes upon death for the purposes of breaking down the body. This is when “the shit hits the fan”. The candida then borrows through your gut and into your system to start decaying your body. Wherever it ends up is where you’ll have problems; in the brain, you could have MS or even autistic characteristics; in the thyroid, now you have thyroid issues; etc. etc. These candida excrete/poop out alcohols (which could be some reasons why you feel hungover when awaken or have a hard time eliminating certain bad foods. They really turn in to an opiate just like any other drug and of course, you want more and more and when you stop it, you feel like crap) and these alcohols are also toxic to your body.


Here comes the infertility part.. Candida causes xenoestrogens (fake estrogens) which makes your body have (and your lab results show) an increase in estrogen when in fact, it’s the fake estrogen you really have and your body doesn’t have enough real estrogen. Or, it could be that, the real estrogens are just being beat to the punch by the fake ones because xenoestrogens are 100-10,000 times louder than our own estrogen and will be seen first by our cells receptors. Candida also causes an increase in progesterone which can contribute to infertility as well because of the imbalance of hormones. On the flip side, being deficient in progesterone also creates the imbalance. The main reason for this is because they have too much estrogen in the body. Estrogen dominance, again, is caused by candida.


This can be the case for either a man or a women and the cause of her not getting pregnant.

So, in conclusion, I’ve heard many people ask this health care practitioner the same question on infertility and I’ve hear d her say over and over again, “Candida!”. People asked, “Well what if it doesn’t work? What if we’ve been trying to get pregnant for 5 years?” The answer was ALWAYS
to do candida cleanses until they got pregnant. In the last class I saw her at someone asked how quickly it might work and she said, “If I were going to try to get pregnant, I’d do a candida cleanse first and then try the next month”. If I didn’t get pregnant, do another month long cleanse and try the next month”.

She has actually put together a candida cleanse, which I’m doing right now, that outlines every detail for you complete with a food guide telling you what you can and cannot eat, a supplement list of what you should be taking at certain times of the day and recipes. When you join this cleanse you also get access to their private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support.

The program is designed for you to go 10 days on a Pre-cleanse which is allowing your body to start opening up all it’s outlets so that when the candida starts dying off it has a place to go out. Otherwise, it could be reabsorbed back into your body or even expelled through your skin in the forms of rashes or ruptures (this is also the culprit for eczema, your toxins simply cannot get out of your clogged body and theyre trying to find their way out somehow).

The next phase is a 10 day hard core detox. This is where most of the candida killing takes place. Here you will limit what foods you eat (although it’s still a significant amount of food- you will not be starving) and they have a guide of three levels of food elimination; 1. beginners (junk food eaters), 2. middle grounders (sort of eating good) and 3. intermediates which would be people who are already eating totally clean and good. You choose which level of food elimination you’re comfortable with. If its not enough the first month, choose a higher elimination of foods the next month or the next time you want to do the cleanse.

The last 10 days is a restorative phase where youre adding back good bacteria to your body and renourishing your cells with good stuff.

I’m on day 14 today and I’m ready to fight this battle (with candida) not for infertility but for a host of other symptoms, which I’ll list below.

If you’re interested in doing this cleanse as a group with this practitioners team, the deadline is Feb 25 to get your products ordered and quality. The cleanse will start March 1st. They will probably have one in April also but I’m not 100% certain. I know it’s short notice but I promise you it’s enough time and it’s okay to just jump in. I can hold your hand along the way and the FB group is fantastic support as well.

If you have any questions, want further explanation about anything or want to do this cleanse, let me know! I’m becoming passionate about helping people in this way because I’ve seen AMAZING things happen and it’s just too good not to share.

Here is a list of candida symptoms. Remember, wherever the candida goes once it proliferates is where you’ll have issues, hence the long list of symptoms.

Athletes’ foot
• Allergies
• Auto-immune conditions and diseases
• Babies—colic, diaper rash, thrush, cradle cap
• Brain/Mind/Head – brain fog, confusion, overwhelm, memory loss or poor memory,
difficulty thinking clearly or concentrating, “spaced out,” dizziness, loss of balance,
clumsiness; feeling of swelling and/or tingling in the head; itchy scalp especially after
eating certain foods such as sugar
• Bruising easily
• Cheekbone or forehead tenderness, pain
• Cold hands or feet; low body temperature
• Cold-like symptoms – excessive mucus in sinuses, nose, throat, bronchial tubes and lungs
• Cravings for or addictions to sugar, bread, pasta and other high carb foods, and as well
as alcohol
• Cysts, abnormal formation of, in different parts of the body, especially around the neck,
throat, and ovaries, and in the bladder or scrotum
• Digestive problems – abdominal distention, bloating or pain, gaseous, mucus in the stools,
GERD, heartburn, hiatal hernia, ulcers, suffering from bacteria, i.e. salmonella, E. coli, h.
pylori, etc.
• Ears – ringing in the ears (tinnitus), sounds in the ears, ear infections, dryness, itchiness, ear
pain, ear aches, ear discharges, fluid in ears, deafness, abnormal wax build-up
• Endocrine imbalances—thyroid, pancreas, adrenal, pituitary, and fertility related
• Eyes—blurred vision, spots in front of eyes, eye floaters, “flashing lights”; redness, dryness,
itching, watery eyes, excessive tearing, inability to tear, etc.
• Fatigue, chronic fatigue, or a feeling of being drained of energy; lethargy, drowsiness
• Female problems – infertility, early menopause, endometriosis, irregular or painful
menstruation, cramps, menstrual irregularities, pre-menstrual mood swings and
symptoms, loss of sexual drive; loss of ability to regulate hormones
• Food sensitivities and reactions
• Flu-like symptoms
• Glands – swollen, too little saliva (dryness in the mouth), blocked salivary glands, swollen
lymph nodes
• Glutathione deficiency
• Hair loss, scum on the scalp, dandruff, itchy scalp, scalp sores and dryness
• Heart palpitations and irregular heart beat
• Headaches, migraines
• Hemorrhoids, and rectal itching, rash, irritation and redness
• Intolerances, sensitivities or allergies to: perfumes, odors, fumes, fabric or carpet odors,
grass, cats, dogs or other animals, tobacco smoke, chemicals, smog, molds, dust mites,
dust, pollen, other airborne substances
• Irritable bowel, chronic constipation or diarrhea
• Itching – chronic, anywhere, everywhere
• Low blood sugar and diabetes
• Hypo or hyperthyroidism or other thyroid conditions—there is a correlation to an iodine
• Irritability, nervousness, jitteriness and panic attacks
• Joint/bone pain, stiffness or swelling
• Lack of appetite
• Lesions on the skin, and inside the body, i.e. the brain
• Male associated problems—jock itch, loss of sex drive, impotence, prostatitis (chronic
prostate inflammation), penis infections, difficulty urinating, frequency or urgency of
urination, swollen scrotum, etc.
• Mood—anxiety (sometimes sudden onset), crying spells, depression (sometimes sudden
onset; including suicidal feelings), manic feelings, mood swings, irritability, mental
disorders, etc.
• Mouth sores or blisters, canker sores, dryness, bad breath, coated tongue; blocked
salivary glands
• Muscle aches and pain, numbness, burning or tingling, and lack of strength and
• Nail—fingernail or toe fungus (related to brain fungus)
• Nasal congestion (chronic), postnasal drip or persistent runny nose, frequent colds;
itching, dryness
• Nerves—Central Nervous System disturbances
• Odor of the feet, hair or body not relieved by washing
• Organ malfunction
• Respiratory—cough, bronchitis or pneumonia, pain or tightness in the chest, wheezing,
shortness of breath, asthma, hay fever
• Sex-drive/libido—decrease
• Sick-all-over feeling
• Sinus inflammation, swelling and infections,
most especially chronic infections
• Skin—dry, itchy, red; acne, eczema, psoriasis,
rosacea, hives or rashes, seborrhea, ringworm,
contact dermatitis; dark and light patches on
the skin (tinea versicolor), vitiligo, etc.
• Stomach—h. pylori bacteria (causes ulcers),
heartburn, indigestion, hiatal hernia, acid
reflux, belching, vomiting, burning, stomach pains, needle-like pains, food that seems to
sit in the stomach like a lump, etc.
• Sleep – insomnia, waking up frequently, nightmares, restless sleep, etc.
• Sore throat, hoarse voice, constant tickle in the throat, laryngitis (loss of voice), etc.
• Tastes—odd tastes in mouth such as metallic
• Urinary—urination – frequency or urgency of, burning; difficulty urinating or low output;
urine—odor, dark; chronic kidney or bladder infections, UTI’s; cystitis,
• Vaginal—vaginal yeast infections—persistent; vaginitis; vaginal discharge and/or itching,
burning, redness; odor; painful intercourse; redness or swelling of the vulva and
surrounding area
• Weight fluctuations, difficulty losing weight (#1 symptom)

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

I would like to invite you to watch this webinar on the Medicine Cabinet Makeover. This webinar is presented by Laura Jacobs and it covers why I choose essential oils first before I choose modern medicine. It also shows you why you would choose a high quality oil like doTerra and why they are the best.

My best selling kit is the Family Wellness Kit. This is what you need to start taking care of your family right away. This kit includes the OnGuard hand washes, the Past Tense (for headaches/migraines), the Life Long Vitality Pack (which is all the best vitamins, supplements, Omega’s) as well as the Family Physician’s Kit (which comes with 10 of the most popular oils).







THE SPECIAL NOT TO MISS IN AUGUST (ends August 31st) is:

If you purchase a membership kit by August 31st and put an autoship order of at least $100 for September, then doTerra will credit your account $100 to purchase additional oils with. This is AMAZING! $100 in free oils! What a great way to start your collection towards naturally healing.

Contact me if you would like more information or if you need help walking through the enrollment process (it can be very tricky without someone walking you through it the first time) Email and put DOTERRA in the subject line. I will personally respond to all your questions.

Homemade Vapor Shower Disc :: doTerra Corpus Christi, TX

Perfect for the sick season coming up. I got this information from

Homesteading Self Sufficiency Survival and wanted to pass it on. Great idea!!
Baking soda
Water …
Essential oils: eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender
Muffin tin Muffin liners
1. Add 2-3 cups baking soda to a mixing bowl.
2. Slowly add enough water to make a thick paste that feels like a putty.
3. Add 15 drops of each essential oil.
4. Spoon into a muffin tin with a paper liner and let sit out for 12-18 hours.
5. Pop  your disks out of the paper liner, put them in your shower, and let the essential oils steam away your stuffy nose.

Essential oils in a hospital setting :: doTerra Corpus Christi


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