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Be gone Mastitis! :: doTerra Corpus Christi, TX


I have the biggest testimonial for today! I’m so excited about it. Here’s the story:

This past weekend my family and I traveled to Houston to do two photo shoots. Friday, March 16th I felt a lump in my breast but paid no attention to it. Saturday, March 17th, I noticed that the lump was VERY painful and I was a little run down but still very excited to do my photo shoot. By the end of the shoot they were asking me to “take home our authentic Vietnamese food” and “please have some wine” and I just kept saying no to everything. This is when I knew something must be wrong.

When I left the shoot, it hit me immediately and I knew that I had Mastitis. For those of you who don’t know, Mastitis is inflammation in the breast or in my case it was an inflamed milk duct since I’m nursing my toddler. You know you have Mastitis if you feel like you have the flu with a very sore breast lump (in my case anyway, I don’t know about others but I’ve had this with each of my kids and it was exactly the same way every time). So as soon as I was back in my van I got a fever, chills and super achy body, mostly my legs which meant for a long trip back to Corpus Christi from Houston (about 4 hours). I started applying oils like crazy. I used Frankincense oil & OnGuard blend to help with the inflammation and the bacterial infection. It didn’t help right away and by now my back, neck & arms were also so achy I could hardly stand it. I then put a couple of drops of the above oils into some Dr. Pepper (Ha! I heard it was tasted nasty and this was all we had in our van besides water {still working on hubby with those sodas} and took it like a shot. About 20 minutes later I was comfortable enough and fell asleep for the rest of the way home. BTW, it was so awful at first that I didn’t even want to try to heal it with oils. I just wanted a quick fix like antibiotics but luckily my doctor wasn’t open and the oils were my only option. I’m glad it worked out that way.

We arrived home and I felt like the oils were starting to wear off so I went and took a bath with both of the oils above. It felt amazing! After I got out apparently I just told my husband I was going to bed and went right to sleep (I truly don’t remember). I slept from 11:30pm until 3pm the next day! But when I woke up, I wasn’t achy AT ALL! Didn’t have a fever or the chills! I couldn’t believe it! My only symptoms were the very sore lump and now a headache with a sore neck.

So now we’re on 3/18/12 twenty-four hours after I started having symptoms. I used the rest of my OnGuard blend  in my bath last night so I was only using the Frankincense oil for inflammation. I rubbed this onto the lump about 3 times this day. Before I went to bed at night, my husband rubbed some Peppermint oil onto my temples, forehead and the back of my neck for my headache and off to sleep I went.

Awaking 3/19/12, no more headache! Just a little achy neck (which I should have used DeepBlue blend on) and still a very sore lump. I read about Oregano oil and decided to try it because of it’s antibacterial and antibiotic properties. I applied it along with the Frankincense oil to the lump and without thinking about it, the pain had diminished by about 70% within an hour or less of application. This is 48 hours after my first symptoms and I was out running errands, cleaning house, teaching my son how to use his bow and arrow in the backyard. I’m not 100% better, but I’m pretty close to 90%. If I had been put on antibiotics, they would have depleted the healthy flora in my gut which could have led to yeast infections or another illness, cost me money and might not have happened so quickly (or maybe it would, just go with it people!). It’s just a very healthy way to heal something that 95% of the time needs healing with antibiotics and I’m SO happy to have not introduced them into my system and that these oils worked for me!!

By the way, if you’re interested in these oils, want to buy any products or join the company yourself, my website ishttp://www.doterra.myvoffice.com/tiffanicisneros/. I’m already very busy with my photography business and am in no way trying to start doing this as a full time business so if you have any questions, don’t worry, I won’t be pushy. I just know these oils work and I want everyone to have them!


  1. Lynne A. McKay says:

    I started using doterra oils in December of 2012. I was really excited to try the blend of oils for improved vision. Just after one and half months, and a visit to the eye doctor they improved. I went from a 20/40 in my left to a 20/25, and a 20/25 in my right to a 20/20, and I’m 51, they should be getting worse!

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